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Whole Family Care

Here at CFC, we may not take ourselves too seriously, but we're definitely serious about serving entire families!


We understand that family is full of wonderful, messy, chaotic, and exciting moments!  We want to support you on this unpredictable journey.  From the newborn baby to the most wise member of the family, all benefit from regular chiropractic care.  Whether you have a pediatric or pregnancy concern, or you're a stressed out dad who just needs some TLC.  We're here.  Some of the ways we may be able to support your family include stress management, improved sleep, increased energy, digestive relief, immune support, hormonal and infertility challenges, and pain relief.

From the first time you reach out, you will be treated like family.  Whether you're a mom or dad, teenager or toddler, athlete or gamer, thriving or surviving, we're here for you!  Everything from adjusting techniques to the neurological scans are catered to each family member's specific needs. We truly cherish the opportunity to serve your whole family!

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