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Pediatric Care

Did you know, as developing babies within our mothers' wombs, that our nervous systems are the very first system to be formed inside of our bodies?  The nervous system functions as the master control panel for all other development and functions that occur within our bodies. This is why we sound like a broken record when it comes to educating families on the importance of having an optimally functioning nervous system.


In today's world, stress is negatively impacting people of all ages, especially kiddos, like never before. These stressors, which can start wreaking havoc on our nervous system from the time of conception, get stuck on our nervous system and create neuro-storms that can be devastating to our overall health. Here at CFC, we focus on addressing the root cause of your child's struggles by reconnecting their brain to their body. When their brain is properly communicating with their body, they are better able to adapt to stressors and begin to thrive!


These are just some of the struggles that kiddos may see improvements in when their nervous system is functioning optimally:

colic, ear infections, immune support, sleep, breastfeeding struggles, Torticollis and head shape, reflux, digestion problems (i.e. constipation), bed wetting, delayed developmental milestones, speech development, sensory processing, ADHD, and social/emotional/behavioral concerns.

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